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Enjoy your summer with white...

Dear Pocket lovers,

We hope you are well.

The new summer edition has arrived... Discover the edition in white high quality cowhide.

As you may have guessed, we all need some sunshine this summer...

As this summer is a "white page" for all of us, let's celebrate it with the color of simplicity and our new white edition of handmade unisex leather pouches and accessories.

An exclusive selection of the iconic Pockets, Belgian handbags, made from premium white cowhide with a gold hardware.

To carry only your summer essentials: sunglasses, sunscreen, bank card and small book MLS offers a selection of lightweight bags and accessories in its summer color, white leather. Choose the sobriety option with our white leather shoulder bag, the Zip Maxi white or Zip Cut or spice up your summer dresses with the Zip Maxi White with gold studs, ideal as an evening bag or for a lunch with friends. Adopt our Zip Micro, a coin purse or key ring ideal for small outings, which can be worn around the neck thanks to the thin adjustable white leather shoulder strap or attached to another Zip, it frees up your hands to carry on with your activities in peace.

As usual, stay fashionable and secure, the MLS clutches are as slim as ever and the slim white adjustable shoulder strap gives you unlimited wear options: wear it high when you need more security and adjust it to your liking whenever you want.

Pure summer fun...

Combine our accessories to create your own style ...

As with all of our MLS Pocket editions, combine style and security by assembling the various accessories in this collection to create your own exclusive selection of Pocket accessories for your personal summer use.

For example, combine our Zip Maxi bag with the Zip Cut, for more space while remaining light and thin. With its front zip closure, access your essentials quickly and save space. Attach a Zip Micro to one of our Zip Maxi and use it as a key ring (holds up to seven keys or a car key thanks to its internal ring) to avoid looking for them among your other essentials and create a set of design, trendy and practical accessories. Here, no restrictions are possible, adapt your Pockets accessories according to your needs, you'll see, to try it is to adopt it!

Why the white leather Zip pouch is this summer's accessory?

Because like all Pocket accessories it is light, trendy, stylish and offers security for your essentials.

Because white is timeless and goes perfectly with all types of outfits, from evening wear to denim suits to beach dresses: no more hesitation!

Because we always need to have a pocket at hand, especially when our summer clothes don't have one...

Because we only carry the essentials and we move more lightly.

Because as Yves Saint-Laurent simply said:

"You put your hands in your pockets and you have style".

Where to find our white leather edition?

Our limited edition in white gold is exclusively available on our eshop, in our studio boutique in Saint-Gilles and at Balthasar, 40 Place du Grand Sablon Brussels (until June 20th).

Treasure your essentials,

Simplify your life.


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