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Crossbody pouch

Handmade unisex two-tone pockets with an adjustable shoulder strap. Different sizes but always slim.
Crossbody bags, clutches, purses or pouches, it is what you decide it is.

A collection of premium quality handmade leather accessories thought to help you every day. Minimal and clever.

Light, slim, and safe. These accessories are the combination of the best part of a crossbody bag, a pocket, a clutch, and a pouch. It becomes what you do with it.
The Zip Maxi is practical like a waist bag but stylish and comfortable. The Zip Medium, a little bit smaller is more discreet and needs you to think minimal. The last one, The Zip Micro keeps your smaller treasures together and easy to reach. Coins, lip balm, keys, memory cards…
Highly modular. Combine sizes and colors depending on what you need to bring with you or just for the fun. Playing with colors and shapes is highly recommended.
Softness and lightness make you want to wear it non stop. No need to drop it on the dusty ground of terraces, nor hang it at your chair when you stop by with friends at the restaurant and risk forgetting it while leaving. Don't change your habit, just change your handbag!
The adjustable strap coming with the Zip Maxi allows you to choose between various portés. Long, on your hip or short, close to you on your chest. Over your coat or under it for maximal discretion.
The Zip Micro comes with the Cuff or the Neck. The Cuff is another multipurpose accessory. Wrist strap or belt strap. The Neck is the collar strap. It keeps your Zip Micro at its best accessibility. 

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