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Pocket bag concept 

The idea is as simple as a nonchalant unconscious gesture, the accessory minimalist and elegant.
Marie-Laurence Stévigny, designer of good use, creator of good sense, has conceived her unisex and modular Pockets as dissociable, timeless and interchangeable pockets. The hidden element of the garment becomes an ornament, an outfit enhancer.
They are worn visibly and within easy reach or protected under the jacket, but they are not bought under the cloak: made by the most expert craftsmen of full grain leathers and beautiful materials in Spain and Italy, they are chosen as they will be loved; durably and with care. 
The textures adapt to the seasons, the colours coordinate with all intentions, with a natural palette as a base.

Marie-Laurence Stévigny favours up-cycled leathers and fabrics, preserved know-how, fluid uses, like a full grain leather nourished by patience. And because they are intrinsically intimate, Pockets can now be personalised with the initials of those who already wear them. 
Marie-Laurence Stévigny is a Belgian but international designer who values the notion of discreet luxury. Pockets are the first bags in the history of fashion, but also the first "hiding places" that brought emancipation to women who only had what society wanted to give them. Symbols of freedom, Pockets free the movement, lighten the silhouette, emphasize the moment, and to pocket the difference.

Written by Elisabeth Clauss...




Marie-Laurence Stévigny is a Belgian fashion accessory designer with more than 20 years of experience in fashion and luxury businesses.


"I spent the last 15 years running my own accessory design agency called MLSTUDIO Brussels with years of exciting, challenging, and creative collaborations with international leading global brands such as NIKE, GUERLAIN,  ASTON MARTIN, BENTLEY, SAMSONITE, LACOSTE, AGNELLE, ROCHAS..."


MLSTUDIO has been nominated in the Fashion category as "Best of Belgium 2017" by Paris Match & C’est du Belge (TV program).



MLSTUDIO won Who’s Next and Premiere Classe award in the Accessory category for her first collaboration “Marie Laurence Stevigny by Agnelle” bags and gloves collection which has been distributed since in premium stores in Japan, Italy, USA, France & Belgium.



MLSTUDIO won a Gold Fashion Award in Los Angeles at the IDA awards competition (International Design Awards) for a women’s glove collection designed for Agnelle.


And before

Before starting MLSTUDIO, I acquired an international experience with deep and strong knowledge in designing and developing luxurious, premium men & women accessories with their proper DNA, being part of the NINA RICCI studio in Paris during 8 years and senior accessory designer within BILL AMBERG studio in London for 7 years.


Graduated from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris and Institut Bischoffsheim in Brussels I also studied Shoe Design at AFPIC in Paris and followed several creative workshops at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London.

MLS design vision

"Create simply beautiful, simply essential, simply familiar, simply rich, simply intimate and simply meaningful accessories."

Credit picture: Nathalie Gabay


Pocket design

Distinctive and exclusive patented Belgian contemporary minimalist and timeless designs, made to last. 



High quality handmade in Europe, in southern Spain by leather-goods & craftsmen experts working since 1987 or in Italy in the Firenze area for our Pocket Notebooks.

Between ML and the Spanish leather workshops, it is a long-lasting business relationship as our designer met them when she started her carrier at Nina Ricci in Paris :  the leather craft-makers were already collaborating with luxury brands thanks to their handbags and small leather goods expertise with demanding clients worldwide. 

MLS accessories are made in premium Spanish & Italian cowhide or lambskin leathers. 

MLS accessories are designed in skin tone shades for core Skin classic collection, easily combinable with other colours and finishes, also designed in seasonal limited editions.

The skin tones shades for core collections are a signature of the brand with combinations around the black leather.

Skin essential classic edition is available in black, ebony, tan, nude, taupe and off-white with seasonal Editions in other premium leathers or up cycled or recycled textile. Skin edition leather certified as an Approved Trader under the LWG program.

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Combine pockets and zips cross-body purses with bags and small accessories to create your own unique set of light leather goods. MLS accessories simplify your life. 

Why the Pocket?

Because Pockets are the origin of the first bags in the history of Fashion.

Because it's a concept that sticks to men's and women’s skin in the era of mobility. 

Because one always needs to have a pocket of reach. 

Because as a designer, it is a bearer of meaning to create a multiple single-user product in the dematerialization: it is bearer of meaning. 

Because only the essentials are carried away; you move more lightly. 

Because with your hands free: you move more freely, lightly and safely. 

Because Pockets are new vision of genderless leather accessories. 

Because as Yves Saint-Laurent simply said: "You put your hands in your pockets and you have the look”. 

Because Pockets are the new bag.


Different ways to hold your pocket with a selection of narrow or wide straps with exclusive skin stripes ribbon or plain leather. Personalise your handbag by using similar or different sizes, the Pockets, the Zips, small accessories and bags are combinable.

Pocket safety

Special RFID lining protecting your cards and documents against contactless identity theft... 

These slim cross-body bags are the perfect and essential camouflage bags to be hidden under your coat or vest when needed to avoid pick-pockets. 


Simply extraordinary packaging for essential accessories.

Our packaging are made out "of the shelves" regular light boxes combined with white printed in belgium papers.

By not producing any specific boxes for us using any plastic in our packaging process we care about the waste make it easy to be recycled. Our packaging and leathergoods accessories are designed around the concept of lightness, which reduces the carbon footprint of our shipments throughout the transport process. 

Our printed sheets for packaging are made in Belgium on certified FSC papers.

IMG_2198 Rtched.jpg



Personalise your leather accessory with your name, initials or handwritten message for a unique accessory or gift. Embossed on centre back or front for some styles. We advise you to match the color of the embossed letters to the hardware of your small leather goods : silver letters on nickel-plated material, gold letters on gold material or black letters on metallic leather. Customization is crafted by hand in our workshops and design studio in Brussels. 

Pockets and Museum

Did you know that Pockets are the first bags in the fashion & costume history? Our Pockets are now part of the Fashion and Lace Museum permanent collection in Brussels. The museum has selected some of our young iconic Pockets and Zips styles and have offered to acquire a carefully thought selection. To highlight the original aspects of our designs ML made a donation of two initial prototypes made in the brownish salpa material pocket prototypes from the early stages of the collection.

Sans titre (3).png

Pocket ambassador

Want to be a Pocket ambassador?

Simply contact us for a Pocket lover photoshoot...

Styled by you and share with us.


Pocket lovers testimony 

Your satisfaction is our priority. At MLS, we pride ourselves for the quality of our products. We aim to offer long-lasting Pocket organisers that ease our customers life. Here is some feedback received from our Pocket Lovers about their experience while shopping with us or when using our Pockets! 

"Commenting on my time at Studio MLS is easy: it was a pleasing and happy experience. Pleasant because the "Simply" line launched by Marie-Laurence is the right answer to a universal need: to find the beautiful piece at a fair price adequate and adapted to our urban uses. Happy because you have to live it at least once, this experience ...

Marie-Laurence knows perfectly well what she is talking about, the colors, the materials, the sizes, the accessories, the style ..... and all that, as if we were her guests at home. Simply, What else?"

Laurent DC.

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