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The story of MLS-MarielaurenceStevigny

It all started with a stolen handbag and pockets full of essentials for safety. The international Belgian accessories designer, ML Stévigny ever since traveled the world for prestigious design collaborations with her essentials hidden undercoat for safety and to keep her mind free… the design concept of MLS brand was born. 

The pocket and the zip pouches sets the shape vocabulary of a new whole collection of light leather accessories. 
MLS provides simple, useful, universal, timeless, minimal, safe, modular premium accessories for daily moves, commutes, or travels. MLS accessories simplify your life. 

Designed and established in 2018 in Belgium by Belgian accessories designer Marie-Laurence Stévigny, the collections are quality handmade in premium materials. The materials used are either Spanish or Italian cowhide and lambskin leathers or recycled or upcycled fabric materials. 

Manufactured by leather good experts in South of Spain and in Italy met by ML decades ago when she was accessories designer for Nina Ricci in Paris. A long-term business relationship merging strong design expertise and luxury craftsmanship know-how.

Did you know that bags origins are in the pockets? 

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