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Zip maxi slim bag: the perfect gender fluid leather cross body bag.

Treasure your essentials,

Simplify your life.

Move light and safe wherever you go.

Feeling free is one of your mindset.

Crossbody bags are versatile and can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. They offer a practical and stylish way to carry your essentials while keeping your hands free. When searching for a gender fluid crossbody bag, consider opting for a design that is neutral in color and doesn't adhere to traditional gender stereotypes. Look for styles that are sleek and minimalistic, as they tend to be more gender-neutral. Additionally, adjustable straps can accommodate different body shapes and sizes comfortably. Ultimately, the perfect gender fluid crossbody bag is one that aligns with your personal style and makes you feel confident.

Free your movement, lighten your bag and still have everything you need MLS offers you the most stylish, secure and practical Zip maxi pouch to carry only your essentials.

The Zip maxi will always hold your essentials securely close to you and free up your hands and mind, it will make your journey easier, lighter and help you to focus only on what is essential for you.

Its pocketed design revolutionises crossbody bags by offering an extremely light wear and a contemporary designed look. Ultra slim designed crossbody bag also called sling bag ideal to wear under or on the top of your vest, Zip maxi shape volume is ideal companion for daily use.

In it you can carry your phone, wallet, keys, AirPods, glasses, coins, lip balm...

Our customers describe our Zip bag as leather purse, pocket bag, under and over jacket bag, bum bag, perfect travel bag, anti-theft bag, banana bag and baguette bag with the cross micro bag option.

MLS accessories provide simple, light, timeless, minimal, unisex & modular premium leather goods for daily moves & new travelers.

The concept:

"The idea is as simple as a nonchalant unconscious gesture, the accessory minimalist and elegant.

Marie-Laurence Stévigny, designer of good use, creator of good sense, has conceived her unisex and

modular Pockets as dissociable, timeless and interchangeable pockets. The hidden element of the

garment becomes an ornament, an outfit enhancer.

They are worn visibly and within easy reach or protected under the jacket, but they are not bought

under the cloak: made by the most expert craftsmen of full grain leathers and beautiful materials in

Spain and Italy, they are chosen as they will be loved; durably and with care.

The textures adapt to the seasons, the colors coordinate with all intentions, with a natural palette as a

base. Marie-Laurence Stévigny favors beautiful natural leathers and up cycled fabrics, preserved

know-how, fluid uses, like a full grain leather nourished by patience. And because they are intrinsically

intimate, Pockets can now be personalized with the initials of those who already wear them.

Marie-Laurence Stévigny is a Belgian but international designer who values the notion of discreet

luxury. Pockets are the first bags in the history of fashion, but also the first "hiding places" that brought

emancipation to women who only had what society wanted to give them. Symbols of freedom, Pockets

free the movement, lighten the silhouette, emphasize the moment, and to pocket the difference."

Elisabeth Clauss Fashion journalist.

As simplicity is at the core of the creative design approach Marie-Laurence Stévigny is dedicated to providing you with high-quality, timeless, practical, handcrafted lightweight leather goods and designed to last.

Why the pocket?

Because Pockets are the origin of the first bags in the history of Fashion as Arte TV explains in this documentary. Because it's a concept that sticks to men and women’s skin in the era of mobility. Because one always needs to have a pocket of reach. Because as a design Marie-Laurence Stévigny focus her creative vision on the creation of a multiple single-user products in the dematerialization. Because only the essentials are carried away; you move more lightly. Because with your hands-free: you move more freely, lightly, and safely. Because Pockets are a new vision of genderless leather accessories. Because as Yves Saint-Laurent simply said: "You put your hands in your pockets and you have the look”.

MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny Zip styles are available in Skin essential edition premium full grain cowhide in different permanent skin hides colors such as black, ebony, tan, taupe, offwhite, nude.

MLS is a collection of unisex leather accessories: wallets, handbags, crossbody bags, purses, card holders with high quality handmade in Europe, in southern Spain by leather-goods & craftsmen experts working since 1987.

Skin edition is made in full grain cowhide leather from Spanish tannery certified as an approved trader under the LWG program.

Zip bag styles have a unique design feature where they can be worn on either side. The Skin classic edition has two-tone colors on one side, with the exception of the black version which is monochrome. The back of the bag is always black, but the front color can vary, allowing for two different color options. This versatility gives you the option to reverse the bag and wear it with either side facing out.

The Signature Skin tape ribbon is produced in France on 19th century weaver in an EPV Living Heritage company.

Limited editions of Zip maxi style are offered in variation of leather colors and leather finishes and recycled or up cycled fabric materials.

The Zip maxi in Skin edtion as all of our Zip bags, is reversible and two-tone colors with back side being always black color.

Its genderless and ultra slim design add practicality and contemporary for both men and women.

Credit photo:

The inside organisation:

The inside of the Zip maxi is designed to fit all your essentials. The straight line of the Zip bag shape is designed to sit in front of your body with the curve shape holding all your stuff safely on the side of your body.

You can put all your daily essentials inside such as mobile phone, glasses, credit cards, pen, wallet, ID, passport, AirPods, coins and change.

All our designs are created to offer lightness and safety with style for your daily use.

Already Iconic Zip style is offered in three sizes: micro, maxi and XL sizes.

The outside organization:

Moreover, the outside organisation, designed to be modular, allowing each model to be combined with other Pocket accessories thanks to the D-rings and hooks. Stay stylish and organised by combining it with other Pocket accessories for added functionality. For example, Zip maxi + Pocket Maxi: you need more organised space, for an extra compartment, add an organised pocket companion.

Zip maxi + Key holder: you always lose your keys, hang them directly to your Zip micro or the Key accessory on your Pocket banana cross body. You need your glasses always to hand, hang your Neck Glasses holder on your Zip maxi cross-body bag... Zip maxi can also be doubled on a single Cross shoulder strap to deliver additional space.

Zip maxi gender fluid leather black slim crossbody bag bag outside organiser MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny belgian designer
Zip maxi outside organisation MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny belgian designer

The modularity:

Create your own Zip accessory cross body bag with the different adjustable shoulder straps.

As all of our accessories, the Zip maxi will free your hands and facilitate your journey. If you want to go for a business meeting or a dog walk, just carry the Zip maxi over or under your coat to fit your essentials. Designed to be worn under or above your jackets or coats to deliver a casual, urban, stylish or business look. Thanks to the micro strap, wear it short under your arm for a more chic look, on evening time to easily and freely enjoy your leisure time.

The modularity in the straps options

Different ways to hold your pocket with a selection of narrow or wide straps with exclusive skin stripes ribbon or plain leather.

The thin cross strap and large cross straps are both offered in plain black cow hide leathers or in excludive Skin stripped ribbon tape and cowhide leather.

An alternative to these is the XL Skin strap.

The Skin striped ribbon tape is an exclusive design gathering the classic leather colors such as tan, nude, off white and black. It is made in an EPV national living heritage workshops in France on weaving loom from the 19 century.

An intemporel basic black strap with silver-plated finish : the thin adjustable black strap.

A softer, elegant and discreet basic that match with all MLS Skin bags edition : The thin adjustable skin strap.

Enhance your contemporary look and comfort with the large adjustable black strap.

For a more sportswear and distinctive look opt for the XL adjustable skin strap.

For a more elegant look, use the Cross micro shoulder strap to carry your crossbody bag under your shoulder.

Modularity bags with a choice of removable shoulder straps.
Modularity bags with a choice of removable shoulder straps.

The personnalisation:

Personalise your leather accessory with your name, initials or handwritten message for a unique accessory or gift. Embossed on centre back or front for some styles. We advise you to match the color of the embossed letters to the hardware of your small leather goods : silver letters on nickel-plated material, gold letters on gold material or black letters on metallic leather. Marie Laurence Stévigny hand-creates the personalisation in our shop in Brussels.

MLS MarielaurenceStevigny Bespoke personnalisation on the back side of your Zip maxi slim with your initials, nickname. Ixelles brussels -belgian accessories designer -quiet luxury
Bespoke personnalisation on the back side of your Zip maxi slim with your initials, nickname.

The packaging:

Marie-Laurence Stévigny adheres to the concept of environmental protection, the packaging box is made of sustainable materials - cardboard box combined with white printed Belgian paper FSC certified. All MLS packaging are designed to be easily recycled and reuse. Boxes and dust bags are locally produced in Spain and printed labels and cards are made in Belgium. Cardboard boxes are light to be shipped with a minimal carbon footprint.

Gift wrapping always available on demand for special occasions: Christmas, birthday, anniversary celebration...

The store:

The Zip maxi is exclusively available on our e-shop, in our store in Ixelles, Brussels, and partially in our retailer's shops. If you want to order in our e-shop, all of our products are delivered in our eco-packaging and the delivery takes about 2-5 working days.

MLS_MarieLaurecneStevigny premium leather accessories shop in Ixelles-Brussels-Belgian accessories designer-quiet luxury
MLS_MarieLaurecneStevigny premium leather accessories shop in Ixelles-Brussels.

Treasure your essentials,

Simplify your life.

Move light and safe wherever you go.

Your pocket team.


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