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How to Order

By clicking on the article you want to order you will be redirected to the description page of it.

Add it to your shopping bag by clicking on "place in my shopping bag"

The preview area of ​​your shopping bag opens to the right of the screen.

You can either continue shopping by clicking outside this space in the gray area. Either consult your detailed shopping bag by clicking on "see the shopping bag".

On the "My shopping bag" page you can modify the quantities by changing the number indicated in the rectangle under the column heading "Qty". You can remove an item from your "shopping bag" by clicking on the text "delete" under the item name, just to the right of the image representing it.

If you have a "promo code", click on "Enter a promo code". Enter the code and validate by clicking on "Apply".

If you want to send us specific instructions or requests when placing your order, click on add a note. However, if you have special requests or instructions, it is better to check with us the feasibility before placing your order, either via the chat on the site or by email to this address:


To confirm your order, click on "Payment"

You will be redirected to our secure area to enter your personal information:

1. Delivery Detail: You will be asked for your delivery information. After checking the information entered, go to step 2 by clicking "Continue".

2. Delivery method: If several delivery modes are available, choose the one that suits you by selecting the chip to the left. The available options vary depending on the delivery address and the value of the order. Go to step 3 by clicking "Continue".

3. Payment: Please enter your credit card information and click "Continue" to proceed to Step 4. Credit card payments are managed and secured by Stripe. We do not have access to or store any of the information entered at this stage.

4. View and place the order: Check one last time the contents of your shopping bag and the information you have entered or selected. The box to the left of "I have read and accept the general conditions of sale" is checked by default and means that you read and accept the terms and conditions of sale. If you do not accept our general conditions of sale, it is not possible for you to order on our website. Thank you to take note at each order. They are also available at this address:


Finally, by clicking on the "Order" button you will confirm your order and will be redirected to the confirmation page.

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