The product : a light, secure and design crossbody bag

Simply Minimal...

Combine pockets and zips cross-body purses with bags and small accessories to create your own unique set of light leather goods. MLS accessories simplify your life. 

Why the Pocket?
Because Pockets are the origin of the first bags in the history of Fashion.
Because it's a concept that sticks to men and women’s skin in the era of mobility. 
Because one always needs to have a pocket of reach. 
Because as a designer, it is a bearer of meaning to create a multiple single-user products in the dematerialization: it is the bearer of meaning. 
Because only the essentials are carried away; you move more lightly. 
Because with your hands-free: you move more freely, lightly, and safely. 
Because Pockets are a new vision of genderless leather accessories. 
Because as Yves Saint-Laurent simply said: "You put your hands in your pockets and you have the look”. 
Because Pockets are the new bag.

The design

Simply innovative...

Distinctive and exclusive patented Belgian contemporary minimalist and timeless designs, created to last.