Handmade soft leather glasses case with neck straps

These eyeglasses pocket with neck strap made in high quality soft leather by expert craftsmen in South of Spain helps you find it when needed… around your neck.

Looking for your glasses? Again? We’ve all done that. That’s why MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny has designed this elegant and practical glasses protection for you. Always at reach with style.


Pick your leather color with the selection of MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny classic colors: Black, Ebony, Tan, Nude, or Off-White. Do you want to be a little bit shinier? There is the silver leather for that.


You do have a perfect view? Lucky you! And what about your sunglasses? When you go shopping and get inside a designer shop, get out in the bright street and again in another shop… Having this stylish eyeglass case at your neck is pretty comfortable.


Hold and protect your glasses keeping it around your neck with these soft but strong leather pockets.

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