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Neck glasses case - Glasses - leather- Skin classic Black

  • Soft glasses case with detachable neck ribbon tape made leather and in our iconic Skin ribbon. 

    Designed to fit your optical glasses and oversized sunglasses. All our accessories are designed to keep your essentials safe at reach. Keep your glasses protected at reach around your neck, tied around the shoulder strap of your bag, or without the collar strap attached to your favorite Pocket accessory. Our accessories are designed to ease your life while assuring quality and style. 

    Adjust the organisation of your accessory to your needs. All Pocket accessories are designed to be modular. Treasure all your essentials: regular glasses and sunglasses with larger frame.

    As modularity is important for us and for additional functionality combine this article with other Pocket accessories referring to our  design specifications in the product pictures.

    Personalisation                                                                                           Personalise your small leather accessory with your name, initials or handwritten message for a unique accessory or gift. Embossed on centre back or front for some styles. We advise you to match the color of the embossed letters to the hardware of your small leather goods : silver letters on nickel-plated material, gold letters on gold material or black letters on metallic leather. Customization is crafted by hand in our workshops and design studio in Brussels.