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Did you know where, how, why?

Dear Pocket lovers,

As we care about quality handmade products we chose to gather together different know how achieving a consciously and cleverly designed Belgian unisex accessories collection.

For example our favorite detail: our signature four colors striped Skin ribbon.

Did you know where our Skin signature ribbon is made?

The Skin signature ribbon tape is woven in France on looms dating from the 19th century by a company that is part of the French living heritage with the EPV label. Our Belgian designer ML met this French supplier at the "made in France" fair held every year in the carré du Temple in Paris city center. A tiny trade fair gathering the best "made in France " workshops and "savoir-faire" around accessories and fashion business. The SCF woven company selected is located in Cholet area: the French area well known by shoe makers: their core business is shoe lace making.

Photography : Xavier Faltot

Do you know how our Skin signature ribbon is made?

.Step number one:

the technical design drawing of the ribbon with the Pantone color references of each stripe, width and thickness all designed by ML our designer.

.Step number two:

The selection of the kind of weave design required which is important for technical and design requirements.

.Step number three:

the careful selection of different qualities of yarns, through different tests in order to define the final quality most adapted to the use and the assembly of the latter

.Step number four:

dyeing of the yarns according to the selected Pantone colors matching our Skin leather shades.

.Step number five:

our Skin tape ribbon is woven in France on looms dating the 19th century with the exclusive combination of four different colors carefully selected by our designer and an invisible weft thread.

.Step number six:

To make our shoulder straps, our expert leather workshop in Spain assembles a strip of leather that is carefully slit to have the ideal thickness to fit our skin tape or carefully hand stitch on our embossed logo label.

Do you know why we call our striped ribbon: the Skin tape?

As a signature element of our accessories the ribbon takes different iconic colors of leather skin hides such as the Tan also called cognac, the off-white called ecru, the black and the Nude also called the flesh color.

These colors are also timeless classic colors always available from our leather classic Skin edition.

They are also very flattering on premium cowhide leathers as we like the leather with character, with a natural smooth grain, giving more depth to each color not like the mechanical grain applied by pressing the leather delivering a regular grainy aspect on the leather, easier to cut, to assemble, but delivering a "flatter" product effect.

Do you know what we used for the design of our packaging?

As Skin ribbon design is a core signature element of our product range it is also an important graphic element of our packaging: a simple extraordinary packaging for essential accessories.

Our packaging are made out "of the shelves" regular light boxes produced by a small workshop located in the same town as our Spanish workshop. All white paper print elements of the packaging are made in Belgium.

By not producing any specific boxes for us using any plastic in our packaging process we care about the waste make it easy to be recycled.

"The design is in the details“ - Paul Bennett

Treasure your essentials,

Simplify your life.

Your pocket team.


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