Did you know where, how, why?

Dear Pocket lovers,

As we care about quality handmade products we chose to gather together different know how achieving a consciously and cleverly designed Belgian unisex accessories collection.

For example our favorite detail: our signature four colors striped Skin ribbon.

Did you know where our Skin signature ribbon is made?

The Skin signature ribbon tape is woven in France on looms dating from the 19th century by a company that is part of the French living heritage with the EPV label. Our Belgian designer ML met this French supplier at the "made in France" fair held every year in the carré du Temple in Paris city center. A tiny trade fair gathering the best "made in France " workshops and "savoir-faire" around accessories and fashion business. The SCF woven company selected is located in Cholet area: the French area well known by shoe makers: their core business is shoe lace making.