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leather accessories

The story began with a stolen handbag and Marie-Laurence Stévigny Belgian accessory designer travelling the world

with her pockets full of essentials.

Simplify your life, free your mind,

   hands in your Pocket.

MLS-Marielaurencestevigny is a unisex leather goods brand consciously and cleverly designed,

created in Belgium 

quality handmade in Spain.


Crossbody organizer - Pocket Maxi - Skin classic leather
Crossbody pouch Zip - XL - Skin classic leather
Foldable bag - Pocket Tote - Black nylon recycled base
Phone Bag - Phone - Skin classic leather

Secure your essentials...

MLS provides urban hedonists simple, light, genderless, contemporary & safe pocket accessories for daily moves, commutes or new travels.

The slim design allows you to wear them under your vest or coat for simple safety.

Part of the collection offers a special RFID technology lining for additional protection against contactless theft.

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