Zip Micro - Purse with Wrist Strap in Upcycled Denim & Natural Leather


At MLS, we care about our planet that's why every product is made to last. And we know that you will love it so much that you will keep it forever. But, as nothing is too small to make a difference, we decided to use upcycled materials when possible. The denim used is cut in jeans which were on their way to the trash. We intercept them and give them a second life.


The Recycled Denim and Natural Leather Zip Micro comes with a "two ways" strap: Wrist strap and belt strap so you can get your smaller belongings secured with the Cuff within your pocket. The Zip Micro round-shaped patented will assure you that the purse slips all the way to the bottom and stays there. Soft to touch and to carry, hands-free, free mind!


What can you fit in the Zip Micro? Coins, keys, small items like micro camera cards or sim cards or even diamond or other gems... you know, just your regular little treasures.


Designed in Belgium and produced in Spain by experts craftsman for you. Made in premium leather for a soft and warm texture.


You already have the Cuff accessory and want the Zip Micro only, select "Without" hereunder.


Soft zip shell

Zipped pouch/container to carry all your little treasures
1 D ring to be hooked

Dimensions: 9 cm x 13,5 cm
Weight: Approximatively 99 gr

Cowhide Leather
Designed in Belgium
Produced in Spain