Zip Medium - Upcycled Denim


At MLS, we care about our planet that's why every product is made to last. And we know that you will love it so much that you will keep it forever. But, as nothing is too small to make a difference, we decided to use upcycled materials when possible. The denim used is cut in jeans which were on their way to the bin. We intercept them and give them a second life. And the result, combined to the Natural Leather is more than convincing...


Two of the late 80's or early 90's icons reunited. Banana bag and Denim. Who doesn't like denim and who would dare to say that Banana bags are not practical. Not us tho! And MLS loves being practical more than anyone but not if you have to sacrifice your stylish outfit. You want to look cool but not too much, professional but open mind. I think you are on the right page.


The Zip Medium pouch is really cute, but more important, it's even more efficient than cute! And that's a thing! You will adore it while traveling, commuting, or just making some short moves every day. You can fit your essentials in and stay hand and mind free. That's a gift!


Even better, with the Adjustable Strap, you can choose from the wide range of "portés". A little bit long, on your hip. Shorter, on your flank, which is an exquisite way if you slip it under your jacket. It lets the nice leather texture being visible when moving around with your jacket open. You can go back to the longer setting on colder days to wear your Pocket to Wear over your coat like a more regular crossbody bag.


Soft leather zip shell Zipped pouch/container to carry all your essentials with 2 D rings to be hooked

Dimensions: 13,5 cm x 19 cm
Weight: Approximatively 167 gr

Premium quality semi vegetable tan (protected) Cowhide leather & recycled denim fabric.

Designed in Belgium

Produced in EU

Handmade in Spain

Exclusive stripes tape made in France

Free your mind

hands in

your Pocket...

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