Zip Maxi - Pocket to Wear in Blood & Black Leather


Do you want to be seen? Or you just want the perfect match with your favorite red shoes? The Zip Maxi in Blood edition is what you need!


The Zip Maxi pouch has a very practical size, perfect for almost every occasion: traveling, commuting, day to day moves and the many situations you'll think about.


Even better, with the Adjustable Strap, you can choose from the wide range of "portés". A little bit long, on your hip. Shorter, on your flank, which is an exquisite way if you slip it under your jacket. It lets the nice leather texture being visible when moving around with your jacket open. You can go back to the longer setting on colder days to wear your Pocket to Wear over your coat like a more regular crossbody bag.


Soft cowhide leather pouch

Soft zip shell Zipped pouch/container to carry all you need
2 D ring to be hooked

Dimensions: 17 cm x 25 cm
Weight: Approximatively 250 gr

Cowhide Leather
Designed in Belgium
Produced in Spain