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Small pouch - Zip Micro - Black Snake

  • Zip Micro wallet and key holder in snakeskin and cowhide leather.

    Designed to fit your small essentials and to keep them safe at reach. Choose from your favorite adjustable strap accessory: either wear it with the Cuff accessory around your wrist or or secured on the belt loop within your pocket or with the Neck strap around your neck.
    Simply slip it into your trousers pocket. The Zip Micro round pocket patented shape will slip to the bottom of your trousers pocket and securely stays there.

    Adjust the inside and outside organisation of your accessory to your needs. All Pocket accessories are designed to be modular. Treasure all your little essentials: keys, Airpod, credit cards, lipbalm, coins & change.

    As modularity is important for us and for additional functionality combine this article with other Pocket accessories referring to our design specifications in the product pictures.

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