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Why should you wear red?

Dear Pocket Lovers,

Do you want to be seen? Or you just want the perfect match with your red lipstick for a color reminder and to reinforce your assumed look? The Zip Maxi in Red edition is what you need!

Our red color of the genderless leather purse and bag has been inspired by many iconic elements in fashion:

This is the case for the very distinguished red lips on pale skin, red nail varnish or satin underwear that evokes sensuality. In this set the red makes you feel powerful, attractive, stylish and… sexy. That's the feeling we want to pass on to all the people who will be wearing our quality “bloody red” slouchy bags.

Up: Red high heels from Charles Jourdan

Bottom left: Silk red underwear -Prada

Bottom right: Romy Schneider dressed by Yves Saint Laurent ©️collectionChristophel:RnB

©️FidaCinematografica:Lira Films:Sonocam


Red accessories have always been very attractive because of the power of the vibration from the red color itself.

The red color is very powerful within Guy Bourdin’s photographs, a very creative fashion photographer of the 20th century, whose work is both intense and elegant. The particularity of this artist is his ability to make his pictures stand out especially by his pronounced use of red in his work. The MLS bag aims to create an impact like Guy Bourdin's photos.

And finally, how can we talk about red without evoking the eighties. Red was an omnipresent color among rock artists such as British artist Depêche Mode on some of their famous cover like on the album called Violator the ultra-thin red rose on a black background.

The bloody red handmade Zip pouch is nicely combined with a black premium Spanish cow leather color on the back. Eye-catcher and strong style statement.

The quality Zip crossbody bag can be worn with everything, as it is a minimalist leather purse.

You can also associate the Zip genderless Pocket on your lighter outfits: jeans pants with a white top for a more casual but energetic effect.

In any season, you can wear your quality Zip purse on a parka or under a parka or a tank top. It will be your best companion.

The color of love, the color of power, red is a color often connected to something strictly forbidden or highly desirable. The handmade red leather small bag would be a perfect gift to prove your love to your loved one.

Simply a timeless essential classic and iconic color available in 3 sizes.

To discover our Blood handmade products and other colors, go to the MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny's Eshop.

The Pocket Team


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