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Secure your Father's Day present & surprise him with our leather bags and accessories

Dear Pocket lovers,

Secure your Father's Day present... with a surprise!

Every year it's the same scenario, which useful gift will please daddy? Are you looking for a design, original and useful gift? Opt for our selection of light and safe Belgian leather accessories, designed to free your mind with your hands in your pockets. Get inspired by our masculine Pocket Ambassadors...

Choose the perfect gift for him...

Your dad loves bike rides, often goes on trips, likes to read lying on his deckchair or plays golf, whatever his favourite activity, we have the right gift: a trendy, minimalist and unisex accessory.

Get him to carry his larger essentials in a slim Tote bag, like Laurent... Our Tote bag is an ideal working bag large and light, he can use it to store his computer, his documents or his largest essentials.

Get him to look stylish like Adrien G... Double and secure his Zip maxi and Zip cut for moto ride like Davide...Our leather accessories are modular, combine two or more shoulder bags in the same strap for more space or add small accessories to create his look.

Help him to keep his shades always at reach in neck Glasses case like Didier...

Help him to keep his cards and documents safe with Multicards and Travel wallet like Stephane... No need to search for his documents at the last minute when he goes on a trip, thanks to his document organizer, his passport and cards will always be with him.

Like Naoki, help him to organise his essentials in a Pocket Maxi... Our crossbody organizer bag will help him be more organized and will save time.

Get him to be conciously stylish with recycled nylon Zip like Laurent... Because recycled materials are the products of tomorrow, engage your dad in the environmental cause while staying stylish and comfortable.Yes, our handbags also exist in an eco-responsible version.

Help him to always find his keys like Christopher... Use our key-holder to keep seven keys or your car key around your neck.

Like Nicolas, offer him natural Phone bag & Travel wallet for his future holidays...Rfid protection in our Pocket and our wallet protect your father against less-contact left. Get him to keep his essentials always at reach in XL Zip, a minimalist unisex body bag, like Daniel... Secure his micro Pocket wallet like Mike... Double his cross Zip purses with Zip cut and Zip maxi like Jean-Pierre... Get him to lighten his accessories with Phone bag and Pocket Maxi like Fred... Like Adrien, get him to hold his bigger essentials free with Tote bag medium... Offer him to customize his foldable Pocket tote like Tony...

MLS offers you a second surprise... a Father's day photo shoot after receiving your Pocket gift.

For Father's Day we organise a father & son, father & daughter, father & friends photo shoot at Balthasar 1st floor 40 place du grand Sablon 1000 Brussels. Join us on Sunday from 11.00 am until 07.00 pm and book your time for your dad's "family" picture.

Still no present for dad? Check out our new Orange travel wallet.

New in Orange Travel wallet Pocket edition: the Travel wallet available in limited edition in a bright orange premium quality leather with RFID protection. The ultra slim Travel wallet fits perfectly the passport, driving licence, ID, bank notes and up to 16 credit cards & business cards. Available now in different colors such as black, orange, natural and grey metallic leather.

Treasure your essentials,

Simplify your father's life.


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