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Let's talk about men...

Dear Pocket lovers,

Men's fashion week in Brussels?

After New-York, London, Milano & Paris men's fashion week, let's talk about Brussels... Let's talk about Brussels men's fashion week. For us fashion is about style, culture, attitude and sens of humor, its simply highlighting your personality. These handsome men have at least three things in common: they love Brussels, they love Pockets and they have style of course !

Our Pocket masculin model...

From left to right and top to bottom: Guy is working in top luxury retail and wear a crossbody bag Zip maxi in black leather. Dominique is dentist and wears a shouler bag organized Pocket Maxi black. Alain is a chemist and wears a crossbody pouchPocket Maxi in tan. Jaak is passionated about photography and wears a XL banana bag Zip XL in black leather and a neck Glasses case. Tony is head of fashion at La Cambre Modes and wears a new key-holder and wallet Zip Micro in white. Allan is a lawyer and wears a double handbag Zips in grey metallic, a Zip Maxi and a Zip XL catch with the same straps. Jean-Pierre is retailer manager and wear a shopping bag, the Pocket tote in black nylon. Charlie is head of fashion within luxury retail and wears a evening bag Zip Maxi Off White and a Zip Medium black. Davide is running Freshealthy group and wears a keyring/coin purse Zip micro in tan.

Laurent is an architect and wears a Phone bag and a working bag, theTote bag in black. Mike is studying graphic design and wears a Zip XL in curly Off White. Adrien is studying philosophy and wears a shopping bag Tote bag in natural. Didier is a fashion entrepreneur and running the accessories master at La Cambre and wears a Zip Maxi in Off White and a Pocket Micro in black. Davide is healthy food entrepreneur and wears a double Zip Maxi with Black and Tan. Tim is a florist and wears the Zip Maxi studs black. Christopher is hairdresser and wears a Key in tan. Hugo is manga fan and student wears Key and neck cardholder Pass around his neck.

Pocket is the new bag ... Hermes joins the team !

During the last men's fashion week, the iconic luxury brand Hermès, has proposed a collection which exudes an air of relaxed light-heartedness and freedom : a crossbody bag, close to the body, to be worn under or over the jacket.

(Screenshot of the Instagram Hermès stories)

Doesn't it remind you of something?

Indeed, in an era where mobility and security are major needs for men and women, the combination of design and comfort is a priority. As seen on the catwalks of the last men's fashion week, the trend is towards lightweight, body-hugging bags... like MLS accessories!

MLS accessories, thin, light, unisex and safe are the ideal accessories for your new mobility.

As well as being safe and light, they are flexible: there are different ways to hold your bag with a selection of narrow or wide straps with exclusive skin stripe ribbon or plain leather, chain or sequins. Personalise your handbag by combining and using similar or different sizes, Pockets, Zips, small accessories and bags.

Our editions are exclusively available on our eshop, in our studio-store in Saint-Gilles, Brussels our partially in our retailers shops. Your are welcome to visit us on our studio-store from Monday to Saturday 11.00 am to 18.30 pm by appointment.

Treasure your essentials,

Simplify your life.

Move light and safe wherever you go.


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