Let's light up the skin colors...

Dear Pocket lovers,

Dear candle lovers,

What is our Skin essential edition?

Our Skin essential edition is manufactured using premium cowhide leather in different permanent hides colors such as tan, taupe, black, off-white, nude, ebony.

MLS x Cires contemporaines

The inspirations behind the collaboration of MLS x Cires contemporaines are: skin tone colors, modularity, simplicity, the beauty of natural materials, which are all shared values by both ML and Yael. The two of them met last year and instinctively wanted to explore a common color vision on leather and wax to unite their passion for lifestyle.

The colors of our Skin essential edition were sampled by Yael to create her exclusive candles using natural waxes; the concept of modularity was already developed by Cires contemporaines so it was natural to highlight this common design.

We are pleased to invite you to discover Cires contemporaines' exclusive creations around our Pocket Skin essential editions at MLS studio-store on October 21-22 and 23.