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Let's light up the skin colors...

Dear Pocket lovers,

Dear candle lovers,

What is our Skin essential edition?

Our Skin essential edition is manufactured using premium cowhide leather in different permanent hides colors such as tan, taupe, black, off-white, nude, ebony.

MLS x Cires contemporaines

The inspirations behind the collaboration of MLS x Cires contemporaines are: skin tone colors, modularity, simplicity, the beauty of natural materials, which are all shared values by both ML and Yael. The two of them met last year and instinctively wanted to explore a common color vision on leather and wax to unite their passion for lifestyle.

The colors of our Skin essential edition were sampled by Yael to create her exclusive candles using natural waxes; the concept of modularity was already developed by Cires contemporaines so it was natural to highlight this common design.

We are pleased to invite you to discover Cires contemporaines' exclusive creations around our Pocket Skin essential editions at MLS studio-store on October 21-22 and 23.

Our quality handmade pockets in their skin edition are all the more complemented by the automnal hues of the season: blending perfectly to the figure, they will enhance any neutral look.

More than ever the modularity of each design is brought to the forefront, this particularity helps you to create your own ideal essential bag for your personal use.

You can combine them together: Zip micro + Zip maxi, double two Zip Maxi, or spice it up with a Pocket maxi, the possibilities are endless.

Like Yael, organise your essentials in a Pocket Maxi... Our crossbody organizer bag will help you organize your essentials better and save you time searching for them. Also discover its smaller version: Pocket Micro for a minimalist feeling.

Do you know Cires contemporaines?

Trained more than thirty years ago by her grandmother who passed on to her the passion for wax and candles, Yael now lives from her passion: the making of handmade candles. She develops her own techniques of creation and values working with high quality materials that she produces. Her passion: working with materials and colors. Each candle is unique and made entirely by Yael in her workshop. "The wax I work with represents, in my eyes, a blank page." -Yael

Discover Yael's creative process:

I like the idea of crossing time through a profession; I like to make candles, objects that have been used for so long, all over the world, throughout the ages and civilizations.It is an element that belongs to humanity in the sense that candles are present at every party, happy or sad celebrations; to light of our hearts and thoughts. There is always a time of exposure when lighting a candle, a short downtime that anchors us in the present. I love the atmosphere of the workshop, the smell of wax, waxes (bee, paraffin, soy, ...), colors, gold and silver leaves, my tools, which are sometimes made by my care depending on the project, the different molds that are often opaque which forces me to work "blindly", to expect some results, and then sometimes, be surprised by something completely unexpected; "errors" lead to unexpected creativity.

In my creative process, there is initially an inspiring encounter: a painting, a contrast, a phrase, a fabric, a hazardous set of miscellaneous objects that to my eyes present a subtle harmony ...Then comes the idea of ​​the range of colors.

The colors suggest the texture of the candle, which itself inspires the line, the shape.

Other than our Skin essential edition, each style within MLS-Marie Laurence Stevigny Pocket range is also available in limited editions of colors and materials such as metallic lambskin nappa, up cycled denim, recycled nylon, natural vegetable tan leather, gold edition

Our leather goods collection is quantity handmade by leather experts of a family business that have been working with leather for over 20 years.

All our editions are exclusively available on our e-shop and in our studio-store in Saint-Gilles, Brussels.

"One eye sees, the other feels." -Paul Klee

Treasure your essentials,

Simplify your life.

Your pocket team.


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