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Keep your travel Pocket face mask always at reach...

Dear Pocket Lovers, Very widespread in Asia for some time, the face mask has a special meaning: it is a mark of respect and politeness that aims to protect itself and the others. Since the health crisis has invaded the whole world, our lifestyles and habits are no longer as they used to be and the fabric mask is now an obligatory part when you travel imposed by government standards in certain circumstances for a long time to come.

With protection as their main objective, non-surgical masks are becoming more and more a trendy fashion accessory that is declined in all forms.

It is therefore better to invest in a quality face mask that protects you while being aesthetic. Occupying a visible place on your face, it is better to choose a fashion mask that you like and that is pleasant to wear. Better be protected with style.

Our MLS cloth Pocket masks are designed in antibacterial Spanish nylon on the front of the mask, and two layers of 100% cotton fabric on the inside of the mask. The face mask has an inner compartment to slide a filter in the center (filter not included).

Made in Spain in our workshops, the essential protection mask is available in a minimalist plain black version with a thin elastic band behind the ears and an exclusive MLS striped ribbon for a softer tightening at the back of the head or worn as a neck collar when you are alone.

Also available with SWAROVSKI crystals application on one side. Its foldable design fits perfectly in your pocket. A unisex handmade contemporary mask that meets global health standards.

Your non-surgical mask will be unique and provide comfort while moving and traveling. Wearing a fabric mask is also about: saving lives. We care about the health of our loved ones.

The quality handmade masks are carefully washable at 40 degrees or even better disinfected with the steam iron on the cotton side only.

Delivered in a branded organic MLS cotton pouch, you can easily store your face mask with your essentials.

We support the medical profession by leaving disposable surgical masks to those who really need it and by creating reusable fabric masks ideal for traveling…and commuting safely.

Simply preorder your favorite designer face mask on our website… the essential black one or the SWAROVSKI one with the crystals either the silver crystal Smile, the bronze crystal Dot or the gunmetal crystal Star always on black nylon fabric.

Preorder one for yourself and for your loved ones: it can be an ideal little gift for your first safe dinner parties after this long lockdown.

Simply wear a mask…

The Pocket Team


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