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Is Pocket replacing the handbag?

Dear Pocket Lovers,

Have you noticed less handbag on the cool it girls and boys around the web?

The trend is no longer towards handbags but towards quality accessories that advocate the minimal.

Practical, stylish and timeless accessories that make your everyday life easier are now more appreciated by men and women.

On the street and especially nowadays on Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook, the biggest fashion icons don't even carry handbags anymore. Anna Wintour the power woman behind the Vogue US fashion magazine is one of those important people who has decided to keep her hands free from the start so as Carine Roitfeld.

Free your mind hands in your pockets: This is the main essence of the brand MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny. Our pockets are hands-free bags…

As bag's origins are in the "pockets": it is the starting point of MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny new Belgian handmade quality accessories brand's concept.

MLS, Move Light & Safe, a simple light, genderless, contemporary, and safe pocket accessory.

MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny genderless crossbody bags and other accessories, worn under or on top of your coat or vest are the perfect companions for daily moves.

Focusing on the essentials is first and foremost a way of life...

This is the choice to live surrounded by nothing but what you really need without superfluous to feel light and more relaxed. The leather crossbody purses correspond to that spirit by being a minimalist accessory.

A good example of a situation where one would like to get rid of the superfluous is when you search your keys at the bottom of your bag. It is annoying and makes you lose time. The MLS key ring holder is the perfect minimalist accessory that keeps your keys always around your neck or attached on your Pocket strap.

You won't have to look for your keys for hours...

Practical and aesthetic, it is available in five different skin shade classic colors: Black, Nude, Off white, Tan, Ebony. Also available in limited seasonal editions such as golden lambskin leather, silver lambskin leather, bloody red, khaki, natural, rivets and natural cowhide leather and also in recycled pieces of denim.

All MLS handmade quality accessories are designed to simplify your life.

Focusing on the essentials is also about being safe because it’s easy to forget your belongings when you have a lot to carry. That’s MLS design vision to offer a stylish solution for these people who want to lighten their daily life.

A quality handmade leather slouchy bag to keep your essentials « close » within reach and to be always with you, while driving in your car, cycling on your bicycle, running or walking in the streets.

Put your hands in your pockets and adopt a relaxed attitude instead of cluttering your mind and hands with a handbag.

Simply feel allured & free.

To discover our range of quality and minimalist handmade products go to the Eshop tab on our website ( to find our leather purse (Zip), handmade leather wallet (Pocket), and other accessories such as our phone accessories, key ring holder, cardholder.

Want to discover the Pocket range live experience.

Please book a video call with our team on the Rendez-Vous button on our website.

The Pocket Team


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