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Is khaki the color to wear in Spring 2020?

Dear Pocket Lovers,

Khaki green is known especially from the iconic khaki army jacket which comes originally in heavy durable canvas or in leather. By essence, khaki is a nice and simple unisex color.

It gives a military tailored or casual, masculine and feminine style.

Khaki color is meeting most of our MLS brand values: khaki is a genderless, unisex color, khaki originally comes from utilitarian men wardrobe so it is a timeless essential classic iconic color, and it also refers to nature at spring summertime. And we all know how much nature is our comfort zone for all of us during this special time when health is the essential value we cherish the most … we would all dream of living in a tent or a “cabane” hidden in the trees in the middle of a green forest…

A simple yet cosy cabane in the woods. A nature dream coming true...

The must-have Khaki slouchy bag such as our Zip pocket crossbody bags are the perfect camouflage color shade to wear this season available in two sizes Medium and Maxi.

Our premium Khaki cowhide leather is nicely combined with natural semi vegetable-tanned leather at the back and on shoulder strap; a nice combination very flattering on nicely suntanned skins. It is easy to wear with white denim jeans, or under a linen jacket with dark black denim jeans or as a clutch with a jumpsuit.

This timeless camouflage Zip pouch will soon become your best companion and your summer essential accessory.

Also, as this summer we might not be traveling very far for holidays let’s focus on essential accessories. Our quality handmade crossbody bag (worn short across the chest or longer on the hips) could be the perfect minimal companion of a large natural straw basket while making your food market shopping locally or somewhere in the countryside on holiday.

The minimal khaki leather crossbody bag will follow you during all summer until September.

Against deforestation, we are fighting for a greener and more colorful earth.

MLS is also part of sustainable development and aims to respect the rights of nature, by recycling fabrics denim on summer editions, by sourcing packaging locally, by producing quality craftmanship leather goods made in workshops located in Spain, by offering simply useful and beautiful accessories, by designing timeless quality Belgian accessory.

Simply think green: respect yourself by using accessories you respect.

This Khaki shade close to nature and the environment is simply an essential.

To discover our Khaki handmade products and other natural colors, go to the Eshop tab on our website.

The Pocket Team


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