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How would you fill in your Pockets on holiday?

Dear Pocket lovers,

The long awaited summer holidays are finally here...

Whether you're a purist, minimalist or organized find the perfect MLS accessory to stay light and only focussed on the essential: YOUR HOLIDAYS!

Purist and minimalist, opt for one or a combination of our small accessories which is the best for you: small pouch. Coin pouch or keyring Zip micro, key-holder, travel wallet, pass-holder; perfect for small summer essentials like passport, ID, passes, cards, keys, book, UV protections, shades and whatever you need for cultural and ,or sunny holidays. Available in many color, one thing is for sure you will create your own Summer essential.

Combine the Phone bag with slim Travel wallet like Nicolas...

Organized purist even in holidays, don't forget your iconic organized bag Pocket maxi; ideal travel wallet organizer; light and safe with its RFID lining protecting your cards against contactless theft. If you are a relaxed minimalist : our shoulder bag Zip maxi or XL for don't forget anything and stay light. Adgust your MLS Pocket accessories with your favorite strap. All are available in limited editions color shades and materials.

Combine Glasses case with the ultra slim XL Zip like Jaak....

In addition, for more space always with lightness and modularity, keep our foldable Pocket Tote ideal like a shopping bag or holidays bag always at reach for your food shopping on local markets, for your city guides etc on city trips or beach towels for chill sunny beaches. Folded and worn as a cross body pouch combined with your other Pockets accessories when you don't need it and unfolded to hold your Summer essentials. Our foldable bag, the Pocket tote bag follows you everywhere without taking up too much space. Available in black or natural lightweight technical nylon with black recycled nylon base and leather trim combined with signature Skin ribbon.

Our editions are exclusively available on our eshop, in our studio-store in Saint-Gilles, Brussels our partially in our retailers shops.

Your are welcome to visit us on our studio-store from Monday to Saturday 11.00 am to 18.30 pm by appointment.

Please note our studio-store will be closed from July 16 until 23 included.

Treasure your essentials,

Simplify your life.

Move light and safe wherever you go this Summer.


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