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Find the ideal mini pocket wallet or micro bag for travels and daily moves...

Dear Pocket Lover,

We hope you are well.

Are you worried about essentials being stolen or lost?

Are you looking forward to lightening your travel essentials?

Don't worry. MLS offers you the most stylish, secure, and practical mini pockets pouch: Zip micro.

MLS accessories provide simple, light, timeless, minimal, unisex & modular premium leather goods for daily moves & new travelers.

MLS is created by an international Belgian accessories designer, Marie-Laurence Stévigny - a designer with over twenty years of experience in fashion and luxury. MLS is designed with the concept of providing high-quality unisex handmade leather bags. All collections are made in premium Spanish & Italian cowhide or lambskin leathers by leather goods experts in the South of Spain and in Italy. Marie Laurence Stevigny is dedicated to providing you with high-quality and highly crafted lightweight leather goods.

All handmade to create high-quality lightweight leather goods.

Each style within MLS-Marie Laurence Stevigny Pocket range are available in Skin essential edition: premium cowhide leather in different permanent skin hides colors such as tan, taupe, black, off white, nude, ebony, and also in limited editions of colors and materials such as metallic lambskin Nappa, upcycled denim, recycled nylon, natural vegetable tan leather, gold edition…

Zip micro is the perfect pocket wallet, a coin purse.

Pocket lover Helena with offwhite Zip Micro

Pocket lover Davide with his tan Zip micro

Zip micro maximizes its utility and functionality. It is designed to hold your little essentials to reach your destination safely. You can put all your little essentials inside such as keys, Airpod, credit cards, lipsticks, coins & change.

Moreover, the modularity aspect of each style allows you to combine it with other Pocket accessories through the D-ring as you need to in order to create your own style and achieve more functionality. For example, Zip micro + Zip maxi, Zip micro + Keyholder... It all depends on your preference!

Zip micro can be worn and accessorized in different ways according to your need. You can choose from your favorite adjustable strap accessory: either wear it with the Cuff accessory around your wrist or secured on the belt loop within your jeans' pocket or with the Neck strap around your neck. MLS accessories are designed to free your hands so that you can move more freely, easily, and safely.

Different ways to carry

Zip micro will free your hands and facilitate your journey. If you want to go for a run or a dog walk, just carry the zip micro and you can fit all your essentials. Go to the beach for sunbathing with a Zip purse and just put your necessary items into this mini bag, hanging on the wrist for a cocktail party or around the neck for a concert, you can easily enjoy your leisure time.

If you're looking for a mini bag for your trip, then MLS Zip micro is definitely your first choice! Protect your essentials, free your hands and let you enjoy a relaxing and worry-free trip!

MLS adheres to the concept of environmental protection, the packaging box is made of sustainable materials - cardboard box combined with white printed Belgian paper. All MLS packaging are designed to be easily recycled and reuse. Cardboard boxes are light to be shipped.

Zip micro is exclusively available on our e-shop, in our studio store in Saint-Gilles, Brussels, and partially in our retailer's shops. If you want to order in our e-shop, all of our products are delivered in our eco-packaging and the delivery takes about 2-5 working days.

You are welcome to visit us at our studio store to study and test our Pocket concept from Monday to Saturday 11.00 am to 6.30 pm by appointment only.

Treasure your essentials,

Simplify your life.

Move light and safe wherever you go.

Your pocket team.


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