Discover the perfect way to organize your essentials within your cross body Pocket maxi wallet.

Dear Pocket Lover,

We hope you are well.

Are you tired of fumbling through your bag looking for your keys, wallet or even phone? Thanks to our Pocket maxi this will no longer be a problem. Organize all your essentials easily by compartment and see how easy your life gets. Each of your essentials will have its own specific place, and you won't have to waste time in front of your door looking for your keys or at the store looking for your credit card.

The Pocket maxi maximizes its utility and functionality. It is designed to hold your essentials to reach your destination safely and lightly. You can put all your daily essentials inside such as mobile, credit cards, pen, ID document, passport, coins & change.

MLS accessories provide simple, light, timeless, minimal, unisex & modular premium leather goods for daily moves & new travelers.

The design:

MLS is created by an international Belgian accessories designer, Marie-Laurence Stévigny - a designer with over twenty years of experience in fashion and luxury. MLS is designed with the concept of providing high-quality unisex handmade leather bags. All collections are made in premium Spanish & Italian cowhide or lambskin leathers by leather goods experts in the South of Spain and in Italy.

As simplicity is at the core of the creative design approach Marie Laurence Stevigny is dedicated to providing you with high-quality and highly crafted lightweight leather goods.

Each style within MLS-Marie Laurence Stevigny Pocket range are available in Skin essential edition: premium cowhide leather in different permanent skin hides colors such as tan, taupe, black, off white, nude, ebony.

The Signature Skin tape ribbon is produced in France on 19th century weaver in a Living Heritage company.

Pocket limited editions are offered in a variation of colors and materials such as metallic lambskin Nappa, up cycled denim, recycled nylon, natural vegetable tan leather, gold edition or water snake leather...

The Pocket maxi is your dream organizer for both men and women.

Men will adopt it as well for its practicality and ultra slim design.

Pocket lover Marie with her taupe Pocket maxi Pocket lover Alain with his tan Pocket maxi

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