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Are our designer bags worth buying during this COVID-19 period?


Dear Pocket lovers,

Our high-quality handmade leather wallets and crossbody bags are the new (it)bag. With the Covid-19 virus crisis and lockdown, we all have to stay home. As we make our lives safer, our needs in terms of accessories have reduced. We only want to focus on the essentials. We only want to lighten our lives and our mind.

Pocket pouches and crossbody bags are the best solutions. Stylish for both men and women, it suits everyone from teenagers to the elderly. In a small yet practical space, and more importantly always close to you, hold your keys, phone, cards holder, a facemask or antibacterial hand gel at reach.

With the given option of holding your pocket pouch as a crossbody bag or as a belt bag (Yes! it can also be worn around your waist as an 80's banana-bag), the smaller accessories like coins purses or wallets can be worn directly around your neck! The glasses soft leather case or the keyring comes too with a neck strap to hold it on your chest, easy to reach if needed. Stylish and safe!

Nothing to keep in hands helps you to move freely, the way you want, and in these times… let you wash your hands super easily. No need to touch your bag handles or straps. No need to drop it somewhere or taking on your gloves. You can just do it.

It's easier, it's safer…

If you want some advice or a little help to make your final choice you can chat with us, send us messages or take "rendez-vous" video or live in the Studio Atelier in Brussels.

The Pocket team


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