Elegant leather neck holder for badge or transport pass with removable strap

Multipurpose handmade leather sleeve. Perfect for transport pass or professional badge. Removable neck strap. With it, it’s a neck holder. Without it, use the ring to clip it to your bag strap.

MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny’s Pass is the little accessory made to help you every day.


You do have a pass to show to enter a building several times a day or a magnetic card to open a portal? You do commute on a regular basis?


The Pass is thought for you! Elegant and practical. A smart touch of sophistication.


Whether you choose to use it as a neck holder with the neck strap or without, directly clipped at your bag’s strap, say hello to ease of access.

The Pass is a summary of MLS-MarieLaurenceStevigny's values. Making your day to day moves easier with clever and minimal accessories.


Free your hands, free your mind!

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