Unisex designer face mask with a collar neck strap. Available in plain black or with Swarovski crystal jewellery.

Unisex designer travel face mask to stay safe but stylish. The collar neck strap allows you to remove it when you are alone or sure to be safe and hang it easy to reach and wear again.

MLS Pocket Face Mask to stay safe and stylish.

Your Pocket Mask offers three ways to wear:

Using the elastic at your ears, covering your face, safe. When you’re alone, hanging around your neck with the collar neck strap or folded, safely stored into its MLS organic cotton dust bag, carefully slipped in your pocket.

Thanks to the collar neck strap you can easily put your mask on and off depending on the situation. Making shopping, going from shop to shop. Taking a drink with your friends, moving inside the place…

Choose between the plain black style or a more sophisticated one with the Swarovski jewelry.

MLS Pocket Face Masks are made with breathable nylon with certified anti-bacterial treatment and two layers of cotton with filter pocket (filter not included).